Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tonight's show: Doctor Who - The Two Garys

In the last of our shows on Doctor Who, we explore the world of Doctor Who fandom. Each month at a certain bar in central London, Doctor Who fans and professionals meet to talk about their favourite show. So back in February, Richard Thomas, Alex Fitch and James De Carteret went down to the pub to record some interviews and encountered the likes of Clayton Hickman - the editor of Doctor Who magazine, Paul - a theatre director who had travelled 50 miles to come to the gathering and Gary - a member of the Greenwich Doctor Who fan club...
10.30pm Resonance 104.4 FM / streamed at and will be available to podcast here soon after. This site is available both in HTML or as an RSS feed...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Podcast: The London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Alex Fitch interviews Emma Smart, a librarian at the British Film Institute about a lecture she gave at the LLGFF and about the history of the festival which is on tour around the UK. (The LLGFF is currently in Edinburgh with trips to Belfast and Hammersmith later in the month).
Originally broadcast 11th May 2006 (mp3 format, 25.9mb)

Links: The LLGFF on tour -
LLGFF reviews at

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Podcast: Doctor Who - Dimensions in Space

Tonight's show is now available to download. See below for more details...
(mp3 format, 26.4mb)

links: Wikipedia entry on Kim Newman
BFI TV Classics: Doctor Who
Buy "Doctor Who: Time and relative" second hand from Amazon...
Wikipedia entry on 'jumping the shark'

Tonight's show: Doctor Who - Dimensions in space

In the third of our shows on Doctor Who, Alex Fitch interviews Kim Newman, renowned film critic for Empire and Sight & Sound. Kim has written two books on Doctor Who - an overview of the series for the British Film Institute and a novella set before the first episode called 'Time and relative' - and will be discussing these on the show.
10.30pm Resonance 104.4 FM / streamed at and will be available to podcast here soon after. This site is available both in HTML or as an RSS feed...

Incidently, if you're missing your fix of Doctor Who on TV, BBC Radio 7 (available on DAB, Freeview, Sky and t'internet) is currently broadcasting Douglas Adams' Shada starring Paul McGann and James Fox on Sundays at 6pm and midnight. If you missed last week's first instalment, it's available to download in its radio version from until Saturday or with additional flash animation from whenever you like and you might recognise the voice reading the opening and end credits from last week's "I'm ready for my close-up"... Alex will be reviewing Shada at later today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Podcast: The Horror films of Norman J. Warren

Adrian Winchester interviews Norman J. Warren director of classic and infamous horror films from the 1970s, concentrating on his films: Terror, Inseminoid, Satan's Slave and Prey which were released by Anchor Bay on DVD earlier this year. The show is introduced, edited and recorded by Alex Fitch.
Originally broadcast 8th June 2006 (mp3 format, 24.5mb)

Link: Anchor Bay's Norman Warren collection -

Podcast: Film censorship and the BBFC

Alex Fitch interviews Sue Clark from the British Board of Film Classification. Alex and Sue discuss the BBFC's strategies for classifying films aimed at children, the current status of previously banned movies and the attitude of the French to film ratings!
Originally broadcast 23rd March 2006 (mp3 format, 26.5mb)

Link: The BBFC's website -
Wikipedia entry on the History of the BBFC

Podcast: Structuralist cinema

Richard Thomas talks to Ed Pinsent about the history of structuralist cinema from its beginnings in America in the 1960s to its development in Britain a decade later and beyond. Ed is the editor of Sound Projector magazine and hosts a related show on Resonance 104.4 FM (Fridays 5.30-7pm) on the subject of ecclectic music.
Originally broadcast 16th March 2006 (mp3 format, 28mb)

Links: Ed's show -
Ways of seeing article on Structuralist cinema -

Podcast: Depictions of madness in the movies

Alex Fitch interviews Jonathan Gadsby, a psychiatric nurse from the West Country. Jonathan discusses the actual complaints the characters in One flew over the cuckoo's nest probably suffered from, the probability of John Nash's visual hallucinations as depicted in A Beautiful mind and the likelihood of the FBI asking a psychotic serial killer for advice in the Hannibal Lecter films.
Originally broadcast 27th April 2006 (mp3 format, 26.5 mb)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Podcast: Cinema as performance & the aural aesthetics of projection

Richard Thomas presents an interview and collaboration with film-makers William English & David Leister. For the first half of the show Richard works with the film-makers to create an aural performance mixing the live sounds produced by various cinema projectors as they unspool rolls of film and then interviews English and Leister about their work in the London Filmmakers' co-operative.
Originally broadcast 4th May 2006 (mp3 format, 28mb)

Link: David Leister's Armchair Cinema & Kino Club

Podcast: Doctor Who - Planet of the Myth Makers

Tonight's show is now available to download. See below for the description...
(mp3 format, 26.3mb)

links: Big Finish -
Wikipedia - Rob Shearman / Nick Briggs

Tonight's show: Doctor Who - Planet of the Myth Makers

In the first half of tonight's "I'mreadyformycloseup" Alex Fitch concludes his interview with Nicholas Briggs focusing on Nick's history as an interviewer of Doctor Who stars such as Jon Pertwee and Elizabeth Sladen and then talks to Robert Shearman, the writer of last year's TV episode 'Dalek'. This is the second show of four looking at the world of Doctor Who and will be followed next week by a discussion with writer and critic Kim Newman about the continuing popularity of the show.
10.30pm Resonance 104.4 FM / streamed at and will be available to podcast here soon after. This site is available both in HTML or as an RSS feed...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Podcast: Heroines of Hong Kong & Chinese Cinema

Zoe Baxter covers 101 years of Chinese cinema concentrating on some of the last century's most famous and notable heroines from Lingyu Ruan to Maggie Cheung Man Yuk. Zoe's guest is Annie Kwan, a film historian who works with The Light Surgeons.
Originally broadcast 9th March 2006 (mp3 format, 25mb)

Links: Zoe's blog -
(scroll down to the March 8th entry for more details on the show)
The Light Surgeons -

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tonight's show: Doctor Who - The Voice of Doom

Tonight on "I'mreadyformycloseup" Alex Fitch is interviewing Nicholas Briggs, the actor who provides the voices of the Daleks & the Cybermen in Doctor Who and Nick has even played the Timelord himself on a number of occasions... This is the first show of four in what we might as well call Doctor Who month on "I'mready..." and will be followed next week with the second half of Alex's interview with Nick plus a discussion with one of the writers of the new series on TV and Radio...
The show's regular slot is: 10.30pm every Thursday on Resonance 104.4 FM / streamed at and will be available to podcast here soon after. This site is available both in HTML or as an RSS feed...

Alex will be reviewing some of the earlier episodes of Doctor Who broadcast over the last 8 months at later today...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Podcast: Godzilla & 1950s Japanese Sci-fi movies

In the first archive podcast, we have (rising from the depths, 20 storeys high):

Richard Thomas' show on the BFI re-release of Godzilla (a.k.a. Gojira, 1954) in the cinema and The Mysterians (a.k.a. Chikyu Boeigun, 1957) on DVD... Richard talks to Ken Hollins, writer of the book 'Destroy All Monsters', about the continuing appeal of The Gorilla Whale and classic Japanese sci-fi. Originally broadcast 16th February 2006
(mp3 format, 27mb)

Links: Buy 'Destroy All Monsters'
Wikipedia entry on Godzilla / The Mysterians

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