Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Podcast: Home Movie Day

Last week's show is now available to download.
(mp3 format, 22.4mb)

Links: Guy Edmonds
David Wenk
Home Movie Day in London
Lambeth Cinema Museum
The annual international Home Movie Day


Anonymous said...

In the show there's talk about the historical use or significance of home movies, which is clear. It would be good to make this sort of thing more widely available. Given that they're not generally open (and some people aren't local) are there any plans to make this (or this kind of thing) more accessible, even if as only a glorified youtube? It would be a good counterpart for the Pathé archive...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment.
I think there's definitely a place for a kind of People's Archive which would be the counterpart to Pathe's very official history of the twentieth century. For that and for our own situation at the Cinema Museum we need to constantly make the case for better funding of film preservation. It's not like our national film archive is particularly well funded and they would never get involved with home movies so hopefully Home Movie Day can begin the process of getting people excited and thinking about this neglected genre.