Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tonight's show: LLGFF (repeat)

Look, I meant it, honestly I did... I really intended tonight's show to be all new and not a repeat, but due to technical difficulties, tonight we have another repeat, sorry!

As tickets go on sale tomorrow for this year's London Film Festival, you've got a chance to hear our show about the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival again. Alex Fitch talks to Emma Smart, BFI librarian about gay films and what not.
Incidently, in this show, Alex & Emma have a good old moan about how the regular Film Festival is getting less gay because of the LLGFF... Well having read the brochure for the 50th LFF, it turns out this year's big festival is gayer than ever! I guess someone was listening!

Regular service will be resumed next week...

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