Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tonight's special: Jason Oddy - photographing simulation and protection

But hang on... It's a Wednesday! Why yes, but as a special advent treat we're broadcasting an IRFMCU hour-long special in today's clear spot at 7pm (and if you think that's a special treat, wait 'til you hear tomorrow's Christmas Celebrity Edition!). This would have been last week's show but Richard was torn between broadcasting it in two halves or putting it out as a full hour...

Richard Thomas produces and introduces: Craig Burnett in conversation with the writer/photographer Jason Oddy. Oddy's most recent project 'Playas' was just exhibited at Brixton's photofusion gallery about a former mining town in New Mexico that was purchased by the department of homeland security for the purpose of simulating terrorist assaults in urban America. Jason has also photographed unique sites such as the Pentagon, Guantanamo Bay, and American Cryogenics facilities to name but a few.
Craig Burnett is a writer and a curator at the White Cube gallery.

Links: Photofusion Gallery
Jason's homepage

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