Thursday, April 19, 2007

We apologise for this distruption to the usual schedule...

No show this week, I'm afraid...

Richard has this to say on the subject:

Due to structural damage to the studio ceiling, we are obliged to close the studio effective immediately until further notice. All programmes from Thursday 19 April are cancelled including pre-recorded material. The scale of the work we need to undertake over the next few days will leave little time to arrange repeats. The nightloop will be the sole broadcast during this period. Many apologies for this. We have taken expert health & safety advice concerning this matter and they have advised us to take this course as a matter of urgency.
We hope to move to a new premises at the very earliest opportunity.
Until then, please bear with a schedule of repeats and disrupted programming.

More news as soon as I have it!

Now, more than ever(!):


Kinuk said...

Oh no! What happened to the ceiling? can it be fixed?

Alex said...

I suspect it's water damage... I imagine they'll be able to fix it, or finally find a new home for Resonance!