Thursday, December 06, 2007

Today's show: Tamara Drewe and the Walking Dead!

Today at 5pm on Resonance 104.4FM - Strip!: Tamara Drewe and the Walking Dead!

The first half of today's show is continuing Resonance FM's coverage of the London ComICA festival - the first half of a discussion held at the Comica festival in which Lisa Appignanesi talks to Guardian cartoonist in residence Posy Simmonds about the collection of her strips from the newspaper which has just been published as a harback graphic novel Tamara Drewe by Jonathan Cape. The talk was recorded live at the ICA last month. Please note: this discussion will not be podcast, so please tune in if you want to catch it.

In the second half of the show you'll hear an interview that Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch conducted at the Birmingham International Comics Show with another British comics artist - Charlie Adlard - about his work from acclaimed zombie comic The Walking Dead to Judge Dredd and the challenges of drawing Mulder and Scully in the comic book adaptation of the X-Files.

Links: More info about ComICA at and
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Reviews of Posy's Literary Life and Tamara Drewe
Wikipedia pages on Posy Simmonds and Charlie Adlard pages on Posy Simmonds and Charlie Adlard
Interviews with Charlie at 2000AD review and G Wie Gorilla!
Article on Charlie joining The Walking Dead at Silver Bullet Comics
Read Kim Newman's vampire story Mildrew Manor, illustrated by Charlie

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