Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Podcast: Art House cinema podcast, July '07

Yes, we know it's really late again, but you can now hear Resonance FM's latest Art House cinema podcast featuring reviews of films released this month at 'Art House' cinemas in London and is presented by Alex Fitch, Virginie Sélavy (editor of Electric Sheep Magazine) and Jessica Fostekew (a member of the comedy improv group The Institute, who is in a variety of shows at the Edinburgh festival)...

You can stream the show by clicking here and pressing the play button or right click here to save the mp3 file direct to your computer...

Films reviewed include Edmond, Taxidermia, Buy it now and Running Stumbled.

Links: You can read print versions of Jess and Alex's reviews at www.backprojection.com and Virginie's in Electric Sheep Magazine
More info about what's on at the ICA

(mp3 format, 30mins / 29.3mb)


The Double-U Show said...

I'm totally okay with Art House cinema, and although I haven't read through your blog entirely I have to wonder if you look at any blockbusters? Not all artsy movies are really good and some of the best stuff has the most financing and some of the worst stuff has some of the best financing too. If you ever get bored you can check out my site at http://www.thedouble-ushow.blogspot.com

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments... I think blockbusters get enough coverage as it is and increasingly the fortunes of big budget films have little or no relation to their reviews, so I think we would be pi$$ing in the wind!
Also, we have an interview with a director or two of one of each month's films which would be harder if we went for the blockbusters.
That said, watch this space (said Alex mysteriously)!
I'll check out your blog a.s.a.p. and let you know what I think.

best wishes,