Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tonight's show: Larger than life part 2

Continuing I'm ready for my close-up's exclusive run of online podcasts*, it's the second of two shows looking at the largest of large screen cinemas. In part two, Alex Fitch interviews Dennis Laws, the technical and general manager of the BFI London IMAX cinema, about the eclectic mix of films shown at the IMAX cinema, from 'after dark' presentations of classic and cult movies, the current interest in IMAX prints of Warner Bros. (comic book) movies and the possible future of the format..
Check back here around 10.30pm BST to download the show or click on one of the following links to download / stream the show from the Internet Archive, Feedburner or iTunes...

*While Resonance FM moves studios across London... The podcast only shows will then be broadcast on FM in the Autumn

Links: Wikipedia page on IMAX
What's on at the BFI London IMAX?
The official IMAX homepage
Article from The Observer about how American creationists are objecting to IMAX science documentaries
Article on the closure of the @Bristol IMAX cinema
Giant Screen Cinemas Association website
Article on recent films converted to the IMAX format

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