Thursday, August 23, 2007

Podcast: London Frightfest 2007

Tonight's show is now available to download... (mp3 format, 28.9mb)

Continuing I'm ready for my close-up's exclusive run of online podcasts*...

Alex Fitch interviews video shop manager Michael Hall about his thoughts on the horror genre and previews he's seen of this year's Frightfest horror film marathon in London, including reviews of Black Sheep, Daywatch and Disturbia. Also, in an interview conducted a year ago, Alex talks to film student Greta Mills about her perspective on last year's Frightfest including George Romero's (then) Zombie tetralogy and its unnecessary 'sidequel' Day of the Dead 2: Contagium!

*While Resonance FM moves studios across London... The podcast only shows will then be broadcast on FM later in the Autumn

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Links: Official Frightfest homepage
Michael's band Nebraska's myspace page and website

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