Thursday, September 13, 2007

Podcast: New Female Directors

Tonight's show is now available to download... (mp3 format, 26.4mb)

Continuing I'm ready for my close-up's exclusive run of online podcasts*...

In a show recorded live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, Alex Fitch talks to two new female directors who have made two very different debut feature films. In I for India Sandhya Suri has collated 40 years of home movie footage of her family in Britain and India that tells the poignant tale of loved ones separated by land and culture, while in Gypsy Caravan Jasmine Dellal has created an epic concert movie with the cinematographer of Monteray Pop that showcases Romany music that will hopefully prove to be this decade’s Buena vista social club...

*While Resonance FM moves studios across London... The podcast only shows will then be broadcast on FM later in the Autumn

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