Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tonight's show: The Weird(sville) films of Allan Moyle

Concluding I'm ready for my close-up's exclusive run of online podcasts*...

Alex Fitch interviews Allan Moyle, the cult film director of such classic movies as Pump up the Volume and Empire Records about his career and his new film Weirdsville which opens next week's Raindance Film Festival.

Check back here around 10.30pm BST to download the show or click on one of the following links to download / stream the show from the Internet Archive, Feedburner or iTunes...

*While Resonance FM moves studios across London... Normal service will be resumed on Monday.
The podcast only shows will then be broadcast on FM in the Autumn

Links: Official Weirdsville site
IMDb pages on Weirdsville and Allan's films
Wikipedia page on Allan Moyle
Allan's website
Raindance Film Festival website

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