Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Podcast: The Art of Mark Buckingham

Panel Borders: The art of Mark Buckingham

Alex's and Duncan's half hour interview with Mark Buckingham about his comic book career so far drawing such titles as Spider-man, Fables, Death and Miracleman and collaborating with Chris Bachalo on Generation X and Ghost Rider 2099- originally broadcast as the first half of last week's Strip! on Resonance FM...

Happy Christmas!

For more info and a selection of different file formats you can download or stream, please visit the home of this episode at www.archive.com (mp3 format, 30 mins, 27.1mb)


laseraw said...

i just love your show!!
i found about your podcast when the alan moore interview was published. (saw a reference somewhere online, i'm spain, so no much uk radio buzz here)
i've tried to find it through itunes but it seems like only partial contents are available through a resonance fm combined feed.
mixed with electric sheep, reality check and arthouse cinema podcasts...
i like them all and they're all great but it see i missed some great interviews you've had since mr. moore...
i can catch up directly through your blog but it'd be wonderful to automatically recive them through itunes.

Alex said...

Thanks! It's great to have another international listener...
I have submitted Panel Borders to the itunes store, a couple of times (the second being a week ago). In the meantime, there's some info here - http://panelborders.wordpress.com/panel-borders-itunes-info/ - on how to get all the episodes into itubes on your computer..

best wishes,