Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tonight's show: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

It's the start of comic book month on I'm ready for my close-up, so in the first of a series of shows on four colour periodicals, Alex Fitch and Duncan Nott are talking to Charles Brownstein, the director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
As we're still within the season of giving (it's Twelfth Night tomorrow), why not listen in and support a charity that protects comic book creators and shops from the vagaries of American law regarding the first amendment...

Links: CBLDF website
Wired article: When comics and laws collide
The Comics reporter article: Withdrawal of comics from a Missouri library
Baltimore City Paper article on the CBLDF
First Amendment Center website, re: Freedom of Speech and comics
Wikipedia article on 'The Millar Test' (US equivalent of the obscene publications act)

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