Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tonight's show: The Magic of Alan Moore part one

Alex Fitch interviews Alan Moore, writer of stuff about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the highs (Kev O'Neill) and lows (Rob Liefeld) of collaborating with comic book artists, his notions of magic and ideaspace and just what giant bald men in nappies had to do with American paranoia in 1950s movies!

N.B./ parts two and three of this interview will be broadcast on Tuesday from 7pm...

Links: Wikipedia entry on Alan Moore
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Garen said...

Another great interview - look forward to the next installments. There's a few Alan Moore podcast interviews around, but they're always very different - and he has plenty to say, which must make your job easier! Thanks and well done.

Balders2006 said...

Nice interview, Alex. Moore is always an interesting speaker. One question, though: Can you tell us when the interview actually took place? I ask because I'd like some further idea of when we can expect to see the Black Dossier's publication date.

Alex said...

It was a couple of months ago. According to the the great oracle Wikipedia: "The release date was originally May 30, 2006, then officially solicited for a release of October 25, 2006, it has been postponed until January 10, 2007. This has also been changed to October 24, 2007." but at the bottom of the article it states "June 2007".
According to Alan "it'll come out when Kevin's finished drawing it"!