Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today's show: Comics for girls and (Hell) boys part 2

Today at 5pm on Resonance 104.4FM - Strip!: Comics for girls and (Hell) boys part 2

The first half of today's show is continuing Resonance FM's coverage of the London ComICA festival - the second half of a discussion held at the Comica festival that we started broadcasting a couple of weeks ago - in which a variety of critics discuss their love of and the cultural impact of British Girls' comics, introduced by Paul Gravett. Writer and performer Stella Duffy; Jane Purcell, author of the Radio 4 play 43 Years in the Third Form; Unskinny cartoonist Lucy Sweet; Nina Myskow, former editor of Jackie and others relish the heydays of Girl, Bunty, My Guy and more and reflect on their lessons and legacies. Hosted by Dr Mel Gibson (not that one). Please note: this discussion will not be podcast, so please tune in if you want to catch it.

In the second half of the show Alex Fitch talks to artists Duncan Fegredo and Sean Phillips in a conversation recorded at the Birmingham International Comics Show. Duncan and Sean have recently collaborated on an art book in which they start and finish each other's drawings, which spills over into their conversation style! Duncan's work includes Jay and Silent Bob - Chasing Dogma, Enigma and (to justify the title of this week's show) Hellboy - Darkness Falls. Sean has worked on Hellblazer, WildCATS, Marvel Zombies and both artists worked on the offbeat superhero comic Kid Eternity.

N.B./ As featured on last week's show: Jim Mahfood and Bill Shag's exhibition is still on at Dreamspace Gallery 'til tomorrow...

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Sean Phillips said...

Well, that wasn't too bad. Didn't sound as much of a tit as I remember! Thanks Alex.

Alex said...

My pleasure!