Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tonight's show: Animation - Editing cartoons

Tonight at 10.30pm on Resonance 104.4FM: I'm ready for my close-up - [Animation month] Post-production and editing of cartoons

Continuing IMFRCU's look at animation, Alex Fitch talks to editor Carin Anne Strohmaier (Beowulf, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Salvador Dali's Destino) about editing cartoons and the variety of post-production work needed to finish aninimated movies. Carin Anne worked for Disney on such projects as Bambi II and Lilo & Stitch II and with Robert Zemeckis on half a dozen films including the Back to the Future sequels and Contact.

N.B./ If you're planning to see Beowulf because you're a fan of the co-writer Neil Gaiman, you can listen to my interview with him about Stardust now and if you tune into the World Service over the weekend you can hear the BBC Radio adaptation of his novel Anansi Boys on Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 9pm.

Links: Official Beowulf movie site
IMDb pages on Beowulf and Carin Anne Strohmaier
Wikipedia pages on Beowulf (movie), the original epic poem, 'motion capture' (mocap), director Robert Zemeckis and Disney's Destino
My interview with Carin Anne's husband about Cinerama
Cartoon Brew - one of the most authorative blogs on animation on the 'net

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