Friday, November 09, 2007

Today's show: Larger than life part 1

Today on Resonance 104.4 FM at 5pm I'm ready for my podcast - Larger than life part 1

The first of two shows looking at the largest of large screen cinema. In part one, Alex Fitch interviews David Strohmaier, director of the documentary Cinerama Adventure which looks at the rise and fall of the seminal 1950s big screen format from its initial use as a military application, how the revolutionary three camera and projector format was used for nature documentaries and feature films to its disuse and legacy in other large screen formats.

The follow up to this episode which is Alex's interview with Dennis Laws, the technical and general manager of the BFI London IMAX cinema, about the eclectic mix of films shown at the IMAX cinema will be broadcast in two weeks time, following a special episode next week which I'm not going to jinx by mentioning just yet!

This show was originally podcast on 26th July 2007 during Resonance's summer hiatus...

Links: IMDb entry for Cinerama Adventure
David's website
Wikipedia page on Cinerama
Info about Bradford's Cinerama and 70mm cinema, the National Media Museum and the next screening of This is Cinerama

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